Green Music Center's Schroeder Hall

Greetings Everyone,

It doesn't feel right to be promoting anything yet, but since there have been many cancellations in these immediate days when the smoke is still heavy in the air I wanted to let you know that we just got word that our concert this weekend at the Green Music Center's Schroeder Hall will be one of the first concerts to take place since these terrifying fires began just one short.

So in the spirit of offering a beautiful concert that may provide some small refuge in the midst of all of this - here it is.

I will be the featured soloist for Sonoma Bach's Season Opening concert.
Gorgeous music and world-class instrumentalists.

The concert is this Saturday, October 21st 8pm at Green Music Center, Schroeder Hall. Here is a link with more description and ticket sales:

Or just go to and click on the concert drop down menu.
The concert is called "Room with a View".

Sending love to you and hoping you're all safe,


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